CL-RMEL Leadership Workshop

“I Can See Clearly Now...”

Leadership in a Time of Uncertainty



  Join us for an online development program aimed at helping leaders enhance their ability to lead in times of uncertainty and social change.

Learn how to:

  • Draw on your strengths and values to move forward in challenging times

  • Create development opportunities for yourself and others that matter to cus- tomers and your organization

  • Embody strategic agility to help your organization

  • Recognize changes in work culture that have occurred over the past year and effectively influence your work group


Participants who complete this program will earn
eight (8) Professional Development Hours (PDH).

This virtual but highly interactive and engaging program is aimed at helping leaders at any level in the organization understand and better use their own strengths to lead the people they work with through this time of uncertainty and change. While most of us had hoped that COVID-19 would be waning by early 2021, that now seems unlikely as the nation continues to confront issues of vaccine availability and distribution, new strains of the virus and an uneven response across state and local jurisdictions. Utility leaders are left to plan and act with continued uncertainty and strategic questions that are difficult to answer. In what ways can their organizations return to the way things were? In what ways will things remain forever changed? What new and unseen challenges are yet to come? In what ways have individual beliefs and the cultures of their organizations changed?

The present operating environment, with its pervasive uncertainty, is the classic definition of “paradox”…a situation in which the best way forward is unclear and in which leaders and the people in their organizations are conflicted and stressed. Another way to describe this is “stuck between a rock and a hard place”. While we typically regard conflict and stress as negative forces in our personal lives and organizations, living with uncertainty also has a bright side. The tension of uncertainty and unresolved issues also causes discerning people to be more creative and find new ways forward. With progressive leaders, organizations can come through times of uncertainty with strategic agility. 


This program focuses on both the role and development of individual leaders and on the development of an organizational culture that supports strategic agility.   It is designed to address these questions:

  • How can I as an individual leader draw on my strengths and values to find a path forward through this challenging time? How can I own my own leadership challenges and engage in authentic dialogue with others?
  • How can I use this time of uncertainty to create opportunities to develop myself and others in ways that address the changing reality while still being focused on results that matter to customers and the organization?
  • How can I help my organization, overall, to embody the strategic agility that is required to navigate through these unusual times while staying true to the purpose, mission and values of a public utility providing essential services? 
  • How can I recognize the changes in work culture that have resulted from the upheaval of the past year and influence the culture of my work group and the larger organization to become more responsive to unpredicted changes and situations while still delivering on commitments?


As a result of this program, participants will:

  • Reflect on their own learning, strengths and challenges as a leader to discover ways that they can strengthen their leadership style in the dace of current and future challenges
  • Engage in open conversation with others to gain insight on the experience and strategies others have brought to this time of uncertainty
  • Gain understanding and insight into the ways their personal and organizational values shape their ability to lead and influence others
  • Learn about research findings that highlight changing expectations utility employees have for their organizations (Barrett Values Centre research)
  • Build skills for engaging in open dialogue to increase understanding and creativity in times of uncertainty


This online program is structured in two online half-day sessions of approximately 4 hours each.  Pre-program requirements will enable the course to start quickly, ensuring comfort with the technology being used and framing the interests of the participants.  The program is highly interactive and will include working with small learning groups, skill practice, discussion and other ways to engage with the content.  


$395 per registrant. Cancellation Policy: Fees are refundable if cancellation is received on or before 5 p.m. on april 10, 2021. If cancellation is received after that date, half of the registration fee will be refunded. Payments will be processed for those who do not attend or do not cancel by 5 p.m. the day before the event. To have someone take your place, please notify us anytime before the event.



    • Self-directed practice session with Miro technology carried out prior to the program and at the participants convenience.(~ 30 min.)
    • Completion of the Barrett Values Centre Personal Values Inventory, an on-line assessment of values that will be discussed during the course (~15 min)
    • Complete short Survey Monkey survey to provide information and feedback that will help focus and enrich the instruction. (~15 min)
    Session 1 Topics:
    • Brief technical review to ensure participants are comfortable with the use of ZOOM and Miro features used in the program
    • Open discussion of the impact of this time on participants and their organizations
    • Reflection and discussion on their leadership style, strengths and challenges for this particular time and context
    • Review and discussion of the applicability of Barrett Values Centre’s model of organization values, culture and development 
    • Discussion of participants’ personal values and how to engage those to strengthen their own and their work groups’ strategic agility
    Session 2 Topics:
    • Review and discussion of the applicability of the Barrett Values Centre study of pre-post COVID values shifts, including in utility organizations, and discuss applicability to participants’ settings.Identify and discuss changing and continuing expectations and values in COVID and post-COVID times.
    • Exploration of the leader’s role in modeling, influencing and changing their organizations’ culture to build strategic agility.
    • Envisioning the future-- What would it look like for participants’ utilities to be “strategically agile, resilient and service-oriented?What would it look like to make a difference to the growing needs of families and businesses in your community?
    • Dialogue as a practice for building a collaborative, agile workgroup and organization and for staying in touch with employees, stakeholders and customers
    • Going home—how participants can use and find support for a resilient and responsive leadership approach and style in response touncertainty and ongoing challenges

    R. John Miner, P.E. is an accomplished executive manager, engineer, educator, and consultant with over 40 years of experience in the utility industry. 

    John is a Registered Professional Engineer and an accomplished executive manager and educator with over forty years of experience in the electric utility industry. He is President of Collaborative Learning, Inc. of Austin and San Antonio Texas, a firm that presents management and technical education programs and ... MORE

    Elizabeth L. (Betsy) Aylin, PhD is an Executive and Management consultant with background in organization development, strategic planning, management and leadership development, and human resources. 

    Betsy has over 20 years domestic and international experience working with organizations on organization change, strategic and business planning, leadership and management development, executive team effectiveness, and building human resource capabilities. She specializes in helping leaders set direction, build strong work teams, and drive results. She provides coaching and ... MORE


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