ACCESS Strategic Leadership for Public Power:

On December 13, 2018 we will hold our second in a series of quarterly webinars exclusively for participants in the Strategic Leadership for Public Power Program (part of APPA’s Public Power Managers Certificate Program or PPMCP). These webinars run for 90 minutes from 2:00-3:30PM EST.  

The purpose of these quarterly webinars is to:

  1. Enhance the application of learning from our previously offered PPMCP program

  2. Offer new content and consultation in support of contemporary leadership issues

  3. Create a forum for on-going peer learning to address leadership challenges

  4. Offer support for those persons engaged in a project leading to PPMCP certification

Through this leadership webinar series, you will:

  • Gain additional knowledge as we present new subject matter material, building on key leadership topics with application to current utility issues
  • Get support for on-going development of leadership skill and competency, especially around engaging with others to accomplish strategic results
  • Afford a greater likelihood of transfer of learning to the job, current work situation and challenges, overcoming the “forgetting curve” common to most training
  • Participate in consultative conversation with the leadership course instructors
  • Enjoy a forum for the discussion of challenging public power issues you as leaders are facing daily
  • Receive tailored support for the engagement and completion of projects for PPMCP certification from your instructors and peers

Here are some
additional details:

  • Each session will be facilitated by at least two (2) ACCESS leadership instructors.
  • Future topics will be determined based on input from participants.
  • Interactive techniques will engage webinar participants on the topics presented
  • There will be open discussion of participants’ leadership interests, issues and challenges.
  • Short articles or pre-reading will be provided to enrich discussion during the webinar.
  • A call-in number for each webinar will be provided in advance and people can join on computer, tablet, or smart-phone.
  • Webinars will be archived for at least three (3) months so that you can access them again later and/or view the recordings if you were unable to participate in the live sessions.


September 27, 2018: Coaching and Being Coached: Dealing with Industry and Organizational Change. This first webinar in the series has been recorded and you can still register to view it online.

December 13, 2018: Being a Strategic Leader:  Discovering and Leading Others on a Strategic Path to the Future. This session will build on the importance of setting purpose, vision and organizational awareness on the achievement of strategic outcomes. We will provide methods and approaches to ensure that you are thinking and acting strategically as you guide your work group or organization to its desired future.  We will identify those strategic issues that utilities across the nation are wrestling with now. We will also give participants an opportunity to identify the issues and strategies that are most important to their organizations.  We will consider the importance of strategic leadership for your organizations as well as specific ways you, as a leader, can become more strategic in your current role.

Specifically, we will discuss how to…

  • Lead from a clearly defined purpose, vision and shared values with aligned strategies
  • Maintain awareness of the complexities and pressures impacting your utility 
  • Recognize what is strategic from what is not
  • Set and focus on strategic priorities for yourself and for others
  • Escape the trap of the everyday tasks to focus more of your time on what is strategic

Future Topics:   2019 session dates and topics will be determined with input from you, the participants, to focus the program on your needs and interests. 


The cost for each of the remaining quarterly webinars is $95. For those who would like to take advantage of the promotional $295 registration for all four webinars, you may still do so.  Your registration will allow a 30-day recorded viewing of the first webinar along with live participation in the remaining three webinars.  All registrations also allow a recorded viewing of each webinar for a period of 30 days following the live webinar.

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more information:

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